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What Resources & Material are available to Kins?

In preparation for annual national events where CKA invites Kins to participate and to get involved in their province and community to increase awareness of the profession, CKA provides promotional resources, material and tools to Kins.

CKA also provides, from time to time, documents and other material to help Kins in the delivery of their services.

Please download and adapt the material at your convenience provided you respect the CKA copyrights.: Click attachments

2017 National Health and Fitness Day on June 3rd 2017 – Promotional material


File 2017 Fact Sheet_NHFD_EN for FB TWT & Social Media messaging info.docx

File 2017 Invitation for Mds to join Kins.docx

File 2017 Activity Ideas for Families & for Municipalities and Organizations.docx

File 2017 Local Event Listing Template.docx

File 2017 Media Advisory CKA ACK Press Release.docx

File 2017 Media Advisory template.docx

File 2017 Customizable E-blasts CKA ACK.docx

File 2017 Customizable E-blasts.docx

File 2017 NHFD Image.docx

File 2017 Poster to customize.docx