Welcome to eMentalFitChallenge!
By the CKA from Nov. 23-29th 2020 

Faced with COVID-19, we need each other more than ever. Canadians are encouraged to find active living strategies and opportunities. Some people started in January with Bell Let's Talk and have continue with CMHA Mental Health Week in May and NOW are joining CKA National Kinesiology Week November 23-29th to support mental health.

Staying active is important in times of mental stress and anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

Take your physical health into account to maintain and achieve healthy mental health - Sign up for the eMentalFitChallenge.

By spending only 10 minutes a day exercising, you will learn to implement strategies and use proven tools to reduce daily stress and anxiety levels to maintain a healthy mental state. Participants will receive one email per day for 7 days containing:

  • Mental health exercises
  • Advice and inspiration
  • Articles and resources

To register for the eMentalFitChallenge, simply fill out the form!

When will I receive my daily emails?

You will receive your email daily within 24 hours from the day you applied. Each daily mental health email will follow in the days to follow. If you register mid-week from Nov. 23-29th 2020, you will receive email for the following days until Nov. 30th . The email will include links to previous emails that you may have missed.


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