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The Kinesiology Case Competition is a national competition for students in the third and fourth years of Canadian university kinesiology, human kinetics and physical activity programs. Up to 24 teams from provinces throughout the country participate in the week-long event. The competition offers participants great opportunities to meet new people and network with practising Kinesiologists, academics, researchers and prominent business people attending the competition either as judges or sponsors. Participants are encouraged to develop cases and then present and defend them. Most importantly, teams should have fun!

The Kinesiology Case Competition is organized by the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, a non-profit organization representing nine provincial kinesiology associations and over 4,300 affiliated Kinesiologists across Canada.

The competition is open to undergrad students at Canadian universities and is recognized as the largest of its kind in Canada. Its main purpose is to bridge the gap between the practice of kinesiology and academic worlds, which ultimately enriches students, professors, researchers and practising kinesiologists. The format is a round-robin tournament consisting of four kinesiology cases. Three of these cases are live presentations about a real-life kinesiology-related challenge. With 24 hours to prepare, teams of three students analyze and evaluate unpublished cases using the skills, knowledge and experience they have acquired from their respective kinesiology curriculums. Students create a presentation that demonstrates their ability to dig into the problem and develop a feasible solution.

A panel of judges grade the presentations according to a set list of criteria, using their unique backgrounds, experience and perspectives to critically assess the participants’ presentations. Teams are judged on creativity, insight, substance and plausibility of implementation. All teams rely on the live presentation, a brief question period, and supporting materials (provided by organizers, the practising Kinesiologists and the researcher on their team) to build their presentation for evaluation.

Winners receive bursaries and recognition from the kinesiology community.



  • As per the CKA Strategic Plan:
    • To lead the alignment of CKA/ACK key partners and stakeholders to advance kinesiology in Canada by increasing the number of meaningful initiatives with students, academia, researchers and education institutions
    • To raise awareness, promote, educate and advocate for kinesiology by increasing education initiatives and activities
  • To create an opportunity for students of kinesiology and physical activity to interact with practising Kinesiologists, academics and researchers to create a relationship between professionals and grad students as they enter the workforce
  • To prepare students to resolve Kinesiology cases before they enter the workforce
  • To provide an opportunity to discuss, educate and bring awareness to the practice of kinesiology and possible barriers to be tackled such as:
    • Standardization of education and skills training by post-secondary schools so that each kinesiologist has a specific skill set when graduating with a degree for job readiness in the workforce
    • Awareness about what a Kinesiologist does and their role in providing care to the public in collaboration with doctors and other health care professionals
    • Regulation and recognition by the provincial governments and third-party insurance companies


General format

  • Round-robin format of 24 teams
  • Four cases of which 5 min. solutions presented by teams are presented in video to atteign the Qualifer Round, and three are live presentations for the Semi-Final and Finals.
  • Cases will cover realistic current cases in practice.
  • Cases will cover diverse fields of study.


Registration Benefits

  • Entering this case competition is a great way for students to boost their resumes and advance their careers. The event is especially popular among undergraduate students who want to add valuable extracurricular activities to their resumes. Top reasons to enter the competition include the following:
    • Learn new skills:
    • Build confidence
    • Win cash prizes
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Make new friends
    • Improve your resume
  • Access to attend the Kin Can Conference bringing these benefits:
    • Access to Live webinar – come in/out & return
    • Receive a certificate of participation


Process to register

  • Register on line on cka.ca and pay with credit card online
  • Once registered, an email with the competition link to registration to the competition platform
  • In email: instruction how to connect, how to test prior to event