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First established in 2020, the  National Virtual Kinesiology Conference each fall. The CKA wishes to repeat the event as continuing education opportunities offered to Kinesiologists in collaboration with PKAs.

The original idea, initiated by OKA in 2020, will still be the base structure of the event where each provincial association provides a speaker and topic for a 50-minute session that can be accessed by all members across the country.

In 2021, in conjunction with the 2021 National Kinesiology Week from Nov. 22nd to 28th , the KinCan Conference will be help on November 27th and 28th. It will be concluded with the Canadian Kinesiology Awards on Nov. 29th. In addition in 2021, the 1st Kinesiology Case Competition will be help from Nov. 19th to Nov. 27th where students of kinesiology will compete to solve four cases in a round-robin format.


A per the CKA #kinvision2022 strategic plan, National Kinesiology Week aims:

• To advance, promote and advocate for kinesiology in Canada through meaningful partnerships and alliances.

• To strengthen the CKA and PKAs to pursue its vision and purpose: develop services and programs that enhance the capacity of PKAs;

• To lead the alignment of CKA key partners and stakeholders to advance kinesiology in Canada. Increase the quality and number of meaningful partnerships with the PKAs. Increase the number of meaningful partnerships with education institutions.

• To raise awareness, promote, educate and advocate for kinesiology. Educate: Increase education initiatives and activities, Advocate: increase CKA‘s reach and influence within the university sector.


General format

  • A series of webinar on two days
  • with (for example) each provincial association providing a speaker and topic
  • for a 50-minute session
  • that can be accessed virtually by all members across the country
  • webinars to be recorded, to be available free to the registered participants, and sold on CKA Boutique


Benefit to Kins (Registration Benefits)

  • Access to Live webinar – come in/out & return
  • Receive CESP – credits for continuing education
  • Receive a certificate of participation
  • Get 20% rebate on purchase of recorded webinar further to event

Process to register:

  • Register on line on cka.ca and pay with credit card online
  • Once registered, a Kin receives an email with Conference webinar link to registration to the conference platform
  • In email: instruction how to connect, how to test prior to event