Who is eligible?

AFFILIATED KINESIOLOGIST shall consist of individuals who have achieved the requisite academic standards, are practicing in the field of Kinesiology and whose applications for affiliation in the corporation are approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.


If you are eligible for Affiliation the following will apply:

1. After receipt of your payment, your completed application form and all necessary documents by attachments to your application form, your name will be submitted to the Board of Directors for ratification.
2. Once the Board has ratified your application, you will be sent a letter indicating that you are an Affiliated Kinesiologist of the CKA along with your affiliated number and certificate of affiliation, and the username and password to purchase your mandatory insurance coverage.
3. You have to purchase your mandatory professional insurance product with PROLINK in order to benefit from preferred CKA Affiliated rates. You must include your insurance proof in your CKA affiliation application


If you are NOT eligible for Affiliation the following will apply:

1. You will be advised of what courses you require to be eligible for Affiliated status. All questions or appeals related to a Membership Committee decision must be submitted in writing to the Membership Committee. Responses will be sent to the applicant in writing following the Committee’s next meeting.


Become affiliated or renew your CKA affiliation