How to proceed to apply or renew?

In the online form, you will be ask to complete and/or attach the following:
a. Application Form
b. Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) Commitment and Release of information/Expressed Consent
c. Endorsement of Code of Ethics,
d. Copy of official final transcripts 
e. Copy of Degree -  Diploma 
f. Proof of name change: If your name is now different from your transcripts/degree, please attach proof of name change (marriage/divorce certificate, or government documentation reflecting change of name)
g. Insurance proof
h. Pay dues

If you are renewing your affiliation, complete and/or attach the following:
a. Check your personal information on your profile and update if necessary
b. Join your insurance proof. 
c. Every three year, complete the Continuing Education Standards Program (CESP) Form supporting your continued education compliance and attach proof.

Become affiliated or renew your CKA affiliation