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How to differentiate CKA & Kinesiology from Other associations & certifications?

Text in revision. New version to come later.

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) and the Provincial Kinesiology Associations (PKAs) understand how confusing it may be to try to differentiate between the services of kinesiology, the CKA and other associations and their certifications. The CKA is currently reviewing a document to attempt to explain the differences in scope of practice, insurance and benefits of each of these associations.

You are invited to visit regularly the CKA website as the new document will be posted as soon as available.

The CKA thanks all stakeholders that have participated in the consultation process.

As Kinesiology is now well represented in each province and are part of the decision makers at CKA, we are looking forward to working together with all National Health Organizations (NHOs) and PKAs to raise awareness of the kinesiology profession, Kinesiologists’ services and to work together to bring the best care to clients.



Without prejudice               Updated : 2020-06-05
Disclosure: Currently the practice of kinesiology varies from one province to another. The information in this document may differ and not correspond with the provincial legislation. The main purpose of this document is to present the current portrait of kinesiology (definitions, fields of practice, acts, etc.) across Canada, with information regarding resources in the various fields of kinesiology, practical tools, the extent of its scope of practice and other potentially useful documents. This document is in perpetual revision as per the evolution of the practice of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA / ACK will not be held responsible for any consequences or damages that may occur as a result of the use, misuse, misinterpretation or abuse of the information found on its website. We emphasize that the aim of this document is to help guide you. Should anyone require guidance in interpreting any of the provided information, they should seek the advice of their provincial kinesiology association