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The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is proud to offer you preferential rates on Health Locator - an online professional network for health care professionals & its Patiently reservation system. Kins can expand their network thus contributing to raising awareness of the added value that they can bring to clients in their a recovery process. 




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An Online Professional Network for Health Care Professionals


What does Health Locator offer?

  • A searchable, unbiased and comprehensive network of Health Care Professionals in Canada with Health-Specific Search Filters that help professionals and Canadian’s alike find health based services in their local communities. It begins with Start your Search.
  • Helpful Resources for the public to learn and understand about their right to safe and effective care.
  • All Kinesiologists, member of CKA and its PKA, are offered:

a FREE subscription to the HEALTH LOCATOR NETWORK and 
a 33% rebate on its appointment software 

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It is a free search tool designed to help family doctors, hospitals, and members of the public find health professionals in all communities across Canada.

This network is made up of individual healthcare profiles that contain all of the pertinent provider information in one place. From these individual health profiles, the network is organized by the business/clinic, creating a new kind of business/clinic listing model that helps streamline the search, referral and rehabilitation process.

In addition, Health Locator profiles serve as an online resume for the health care professional regardless of where they work. They highlight their education, certifications, continuing education courses, as well as services offered and more. They also provide a direct link to their regulatory body/professional association website and public register, aiding the public in education, transparency and licensing verification

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