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Welcome to Kinesiology

in Saskatchewan

The purpose of KINESIOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF SASKATCHEWAN is to represent Kinesiology at a provincial level and to be a strong voice in the recognition, promotion, and growth of the profession of Kinesiology. It aims to act in advocacy/lobby, that is, to be recognized as the united voice for the profession of Kinesiology in Saskatchewan; in membership services, that is, to coordinate and strengthen membership services; and in building public awareness and support, that is to educate the Saskatchewan residents to understand the value that the applied science of Kinesiology helps them better their lives


KAS is ...

The Kinesiology Association of Saskatchewan (KAS) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop, train and promote kinesiology professionals in the exercise science industry – to advocate fitness, performance and health promotion throughout the province of Saskatchewan. 

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KAS Membership


  • Practice Insurance
  • Networking with other Kinesiologists
  • Involvement in the community
  • Further education opportunities


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Professional Development 

This section of the website is dedicated to the “Continuing Education” component of KAS. You will find the details on how to cumulate the necessary mandatory credits to remain current in your practice. Your success with your clients depends on the most current training your acquired. You will also find continuing education opportunities

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The scope of practice & Code of Ethics

Kinesiology is all about how we move. Kinesiology is the study of the dynamics of human movement, including all the components involved (anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, psychological), as we interact with our environment.

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Job Opportunities & Links

Kinesiologists are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary professionals. They work and strive to keep in touch with other health professionals or related organizations.



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Current Issues 

Find out about what's new in Kinesiology !

Keep up-dates on the latest current issues




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Events, Seminars & More

Find local events about Kinesiology !

What's happening? What's on?

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All Kins are actively participating in NKW.

Find local events during NKW !

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Working in collaboration with
Provincial Kinesiology Associations &
the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance