2022 National Virtual Kinesiology Conference

From Nov 26 to Nov 27 2022

A Canadian virtual conference of the science of kinesiology. Join us Nov. 26th & 27th, 2022 from the comfort of your home! With a kin, you can...
2022 National Virtual Kinesiology Conference

Join us on November 26 & 27 2022 at the 3nd national virtual kinesiology event Kin Can Conference!

You will have the opportunity to grow and network, from the comfort of your home, with world-class presenters from many areas of specialized education.

The aim of this conference is to broaden the knowledge of Kinesiologists by sharing the scientific insights from the latest research, theoretical and applicative findings and experiences from the vast field of kinesiology, the science of human movement, sport, and exercise. Through this experience, participants will enhance further cooperation between scholars, institutions, and practicing Kinesiologists in various projects in different fields of kinesiology.

Speakers and detailed information about the conference are now available. The conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation in French.

Participants can earn the most continuing education credits in a single event!

Registration period is now open

        Kinesiologists may tabulate credits earned in both CKA Continuing Education Program and CSEP Professional Deveplopment Program. CSEP members can also register at the CKA member rate.
The CKA and CSEP have mutually agreed to sanction their Annual Conference for 

Continuing Education / Professional Development Program

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Who are the speakers ?

In collaboration with the Provincial Kinesiology Associations,
the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance presents the following speakers:

In collaboration with
David McArthur, PhD
Role of kinesiologists in concusion care

In collaboration with
Michelle Mottola, PhD
Exercise during pregnancy: what do I tell my pregnant clients?

In collaboration with

François Lalonde, PhD
Atrial fibrillation and endurance sports:  when too much can become harmful to health.

In collaboration with
Matthew Mendes, R. Kin
Registered kinesiologists in primary health care

In collaboration with
Minda Chittenden, Kin, Gerontologist
Exercises to save lives: how to assess frail adults and design life-saving exercises

In collaboration with
Martine Chiasson, Kin, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist
The postpartum fitness journey : A whole person approach to returning to exercise


In collaboration with
Logan Harris, Kin
Developing resilience with exercise 2.1

In collaboration with
David Behm, Phd
Do we really need to stretch? Alternative methods for increasing flexibility.

Étienne DuBois
Finding new customers: modern and traditionnal techniques




Dr. Scott Thomas & John Armstrong

Kinesiologists and Chronic Disease Management





The Canadian Kinesiology Awards are awarded for outstanding achievement in Canada’s kinesiology industry. In 2020, they are in their inaugural year, and were established as a platform for kinesiology professionals to be recognized and celebrated for their talent, hard work, and success. 

Congratulations to:

Kin of the Year: Johnathan Harvey 
Researcher of the Year: François Lalonde, PhD




Fee Structure

     CKA Members:         Students:         Non-CKA Members

   $50                $10                  $125

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