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2021 Kin Case Competition

2021 Kin Case Competition

Join us from Nov. 19 to 28 2021
at the 1st national virtual kinesiology event
Kin Case Competition!

The Kinesiology Case Competition is a national competition for students in the third and fourth years of Canadian university kinesiology, human kinetics and physical activity programs.

Up to 24 teams from provinces throughout the country participate in the week-long event. The competition offers participants great opportunities to meet new people and network with practising Kinesiologists, academics, researchers and prominent businesspeople attending the competition either as judges or sponsors. Participants are encouraged to develop cases and then present and defend them. Most importantly, teams should have fun!

The format is a round-robin tournament consisting of four kinesiology cases. Three of these cases are live presentations about a real-life kinesiology-related challenge. With up to 24 hours (decreasing time per round) to prepare, teams of three students analyze and evaluate unpublished cases using the skills, knowledge and experience they have acquired from their respective kinesiology curriculums. They will have to consult with at least one researcher and one practising Kinesiologist. Students create a presentation that demonstrates their ability to dig into the problem and develop a feasible solution. A panel of judges grade the presentations according to a set list of criteria, using their unique backgrounds, experience and perspectives to critically assess the participants’ presentations. Winners receive bursaries and recognition from the kinesiology community.

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Students are encouraged to participate. Registration includes access to the KinCanConference on Nov. 27 & 28.

It all begins November 12 with the release of Case #1 to be hand-in on November 19 for 24 teams to qualify for the Qualifier Round.

Registration period is NOW OPEN

TEAMS: until November 10 2021
SPECTATORS: until November 15 2021

Working in collaboration with
Provincial Kinesiology Associations &
the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance



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