What Promotional Event/Material
are available to Kins?

In preparation for annual national events where CKA invites Kins to participate and to get involved in their province and community to increase awareness of the profession, CKA provides promotional resources, material and tools to Kins.

CKA also provides, from time to time, documents and other material to help Kins in the delivery of their services.

Please download and adapt the material at your convenience provided you respect the CKA copyrights.: Click attachments. 

2021 National Kinesiology Week – Promotional material

This year, the theme is FORWARD WITH COVID-19, promoting the Kinesiology Guidelines to maintaining optimal health. The Guidelines focus on six fields of practice where the expertise of Kinesiologists can help: cardiorespiratory health, cognitive capacities including mental health, ergonomics, functional abilities, weight gain and obesity, and safe return to sport.


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Social Media:

  •    List of Key Posts Messages Ready to Use (FB, IG, TWT, LK-N, etc)



  • Graphic Images to use with listed Key Posts / Google Display - More images of different sizes available in dropbox.


  • Add a frame to your Facebook Profile Image. 
    Note: Creating FB Frames is no longer possible for CKA, use your own software to add a frame to your picture then upload that picture to your profile


Video: 6 videos available on youtube or in the download folder

Kinesiology Guidelines: 

  • Six infographics:     Download here    


    Build Your Best Brain!
    Cognitive Capacities 

      Time to Take a Breath and
      and Move to Your Heartbeat!

       Your Cardiorespiratory Health

    Are you All Crooked?

      Yes, You Can Do That Again!
      Functional Abilities

    Move Again Safely!
    Return to sport

      Feeling the Weight of Inactivity?
      Weight Gain and Obesity


    Note: Should you wish to print, each document are two pages: use 81/2 x 11 both side or 17x11 to have both on one page.