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A panel of judges grade the presentations according to a set list of criteria, using their unique backgrounds, experience and perspectives to critically assess the participants’ presentations. Teams are judged on creativity, insight, substance and plausibility of implementation. All teams rely on the live presentation, a brief question period, and supporting materials (provided by organizers, the practising Kinesiologists and the researcher on their team) to build their presentation for evaluation.



Winners of final round cumulative score and others: over $2,500 in prize to win by students only

Outstanding Team (qualifying round)*:   3 x $25
Outstanding Team (semi-final)*:      3 x $50
3rd place (final):    3 x $100
2nd place (final):    3 x $250
1st place (final): 3 x $500

* “Outstanding” definition is at the jury’s discretion. It could be for the best effort, the most creative, the most innovative, etc.

Prizes-given will happen at the Canadian Kinesiology Awards night on Nov. 28th 16h ET.

Thank you for the generosity of our Sponsors!