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Welcome to the
Virtual Tradeshow

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with companies that respect their values and have common elements in their respective missions.

This virtual tradeshow is the opportunity to network, communicate, and build relationships with companies within the kinesiology community.


       Visit each booth to:

  • Watch video featuring 
    new product and services

  • Book an appointment /
    Forge a business relationship

  • Get the lastest promotional
    special offers / rebate / code



Participate in the Scavenger Hunt.                                               It's easy & fun!

Here's how...Visit each booth to:

Answer enigmi               Note secret words           Take innovative pictures

Your goal is to solve the charade by cumulating the words and enigma answers, and to provide pictures collected. Submit your final answer to info@cka.ca before Nov. 28th 15h ET. 

To win: a Book Bundle valued at $300 offered by

The Kin Can Conference scavenger hunt will involve participants visiting our Virtual Tradeshow booths. There will be a task to complete or puzzle to solve at each booth. The goal is to complete them all and find the clue words to form the secret sentence! Clue words will be scattered between booths but watch out, some booths may have more than one clue word while others have a task with no clue word given. Email your secret sentence answer to info@cka.ca before Nov. 28th 15h ET to enter for a chance to win a book bundle of 3 books from Human Kinetics Canada valued at $300! The winner will be selected with a random draw of emails with correct and complete answers.


The Virtual Tradeshow will open Nov. 27th at
PT: 08 a.m.    ET: 11 a.m.    AT: 12 p.m.