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News about kinesiology

KAS & CKA encourages everyone to share information and latest news related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Read all about it here!



OTTAWA, February 16, 2021 – The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is proud to announce that Kinesiologists are now recognized as Level 2 professionals by Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC). EIMC is a global health initiative that promotes physical activity as a chronic disease prevention and management strategy to improve the health of Canadians. The EIMC recognition program helps healthcare professionals identify highly qualified exercise professionals in their community. These professionals, now including kinesiologists, are critical allies to help patients reach their physical activity goals to prevent and manage chronic disease.

The highest level, EIMC Level 2, groups professionals who have an undergraduate or higher-level exercise science degree. Kinesiologists are recognized to have advanced knowledge and expertise in exercise management for those with chronic disease. They work with:

  • seemingly healthy individuals with no constraints for regular participation in physical activity and exercise;
  • asymptomatic individuals with a single chronic disease or condition controlled with physician-prescribed therapies; and
  • patients at higher risk, including those who have more than one chronic disease or who may require clinical monitoring during exercise.

“This recognition by an international organization demonstrates the important role that kinesiologists play in improving the health of Canadians,” states Kathie Sharkey R.Kin, president of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. “Physical activity is crucial in the prevention and treatment of diseases. This is why we work closely with healthcare teams to support patients on their road to recovery.”


Kinesiologists are human-movement specialists. As trained health professionals, they use the science of exercise and movement to promote health and well-being; prevent, manage and rehabilitate chronic conditions; restore function and optimize human performance in the workplace, clinical settings, sports and fitness. They work with people of all ages and with physical abilities, in many settings, to improve the quality of life, often by using interventions that include physical activity.

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) is a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes the advancement of the profession of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA strives to be recognized as the unifying voice for the profession of kinesiology in Canada and to have a positive impact on Canadians. On a national level, the CKA represents nine provincial kinesiology associations (PKAs) that are member associations and over 4,300 affiliated kinesiologists. The CKA establishes and promotes the standards of the profession across Canada.


For more information:

France A. Martin

844-KINESIO (546-3746) or info@cka.ca



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