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News about kinesiology

KAS & CKA encourages everyone to share information and latest news related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Read all about it here!


National Kinesiology Week 2017 reached 1million people!

As part of the National Kinesiology Week, presented by Hexfit,  from November 13 to 19, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) reached 1 million people. Canadians of the amazing healing power of physical activity. Kinesiologists invited Canadians to take a proactive role in chronic disease management and to ask referrals from their doctor for a physical activity. Typically, people mainly rely on medication for the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. But by choosing to treat their chronic disease with physical activity, they can play a more active role in managing their diseases and enjoy a better quality of life. More than 50 activities were happening during National Kinesiology Week,  www.nationalkinweek.ca. The economic impact of inactivity and its 89$ billion per year cost to healthcare makes kinsiology part of the solution. Kinesiologists can help. 

 In addition, visit www.cka.ca to watch a new series of videos on popular topics such as Trendy Training Techniques, Fall Prevention, Weight Loss, or Chronic Disease Management. Other topics include: What is the role of a Kinesiologist? How to Claim Kinesiology Insurance benefits? When to consult a MD, a physio or a Kin? These are just some of the videos that the CKA is launching as part of Kin Week. Visitors to our website can also locate a kinesiologist near them.

Our thanks are extend to all who participated and to the following groups for their active and ongoing participation throughout the process:

• Kinesiologists that have organized activities, and for some, more than one!
• Provincial Kinesiology Associations (7)
• College of Kinesiologist of Ontario
• ParticipAction
• Dalhousie Kin Society
• Universities: Simon Fraser BC, Manitoba MB, Winnepeg MB, Royal Mount AB, Moncton NB,  Lakehead ON
​• More than 12 Kinseiologists that have organized activities, and for some, more than one!

CKA also partnered with Ah! Com as Public Relations Consultant, Sophie Allard, APR 


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