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News about kinesiology

KAS & CKA encourages everyone to share information and latest news related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Read all about it here!


National Kinesiology Week 2021 - The Launch!


 OTTAWA, November 22, 2021 – As part of National Kinesiology Week from November 22 to 28, 2021, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA), wants to help all Canadians, including COVID long haulers and seniors, return to a more active lifestyle to move better, live better. Through the MOVING FORWARD WITH COVID-19 – KINESIOLOGY GUIDELINES FOR MAINTAINING OPTIMAL HEALTH, CKA demonstrates how Kinesiologists are part of the solution to support Canadians on the road to recovery. The Guidelines focus on six fields of practice where the expertise of Kinesiologists can help: cardiorespiratory health, cognitive capacities including mental health, ergonomics, functional abilities, weight gain and obesity, and safe return to sport.

“Returning to an active lifestyle can be challenging for many people, especially for those who have been affected by COVID-19,” says the president of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, Kathie Sharkey R.Kin. “The pressure on our healthcare system has never been this high, and every action we do to keep Canadians out of hospitals can have a significant impact. Kinesiologists from everywhere in Canada understand this challenge, and as practitioners of prevention, recovery and performance, they are playing a key role in Canada’s health care future by supporting their clients in developing proactive solutions to speed up their healing time and stay healthy.”


Shortness of breath, chest pain, trouble breathing, feeling dizzy or frequent coughing can all be signs of potential heart and respiratory problems. In Canada, heart disease is the second leading cause of death after cancer, and a leading cause of hospitalization. About 2.4 million (8.5%) Canadian adults aged 20 years and older live with diagnosed ischemic heart disease.[i] As well, over 2 million (10%) Canadians aged 35 years and older are living with diagnosed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).[ii]

All these Canadians are more at risk than before, as Statistics Canada reports that the most common COVID-19 comorbidities include pre-existing cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, such as hypertensive diseases (15%), ischemic heart disease (14%) and chronic lower respiratory diseases (11%).[iii] According to the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, post-COVID-19 symptoms affect about 10 per cent of those that survive being infected and can last from weeks to months. A conservative estimate suggests about 150,000 Canadians who contracted the virus are experiencing these Long-COVID-19 symptoms. The most common of more than 200 different symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, and general pain or discomfort.[iv] These are also common symptoms of cardiovascular disease and can compound the health issue.

Improving cardiorespiratory fitness or “endurance” can help Canadians increase their lifespan and improve quality of life, even reducing the risk of complications or death from COVID-19. Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour can improve, help prevent or manage chronic diseases such as heart disease and respiratory problems. People who walk, run, bike or engage in some other form of physical activity regularly, generally have better circulation and endurance, promoting better heart and respiratory function.

To help, Kinesiologists guide their clients through a series of exercises tailored to their personal capabilities, even those affected by heart or respiratory problems. This may include a personal exercise program, cardiorespiratory training, strength and balance exercises. Moreover, consulting a Kinesiologist on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to help keep motivation up and increase positive results.


Kinesiologists, by providing individualized exercise programs, are a highly effective yet underused tool for helping Canadians manage and prevent 25 of the most common chronic conditions such as heart failure or stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension, pulmonary problems, anxiety, depression, back pain or diabetes.

After 18 months of restrictions, less physical activity and a more sedentary lifestyle, many Canadians are struggling to return to regular fitness and physical activities safely. The 2021 National Kinesiology Week is the perfect time to find out how to be more active and to discover how a Kinesiologist can help you be more physically active, especially after long periods of less frequent exercise or inactivity.

  • Take part in the MoveBetterChallenge! Log your exercise minutes and/or kilometres to be part of a national cumulative challenge.
  • Find events happening near you by visiting www.nationalkinesiologyweek.ca.
  • Watch the newly released animations of each set of guidelines highlight to better understand how a Kinesiologist can help in recovery or improvement (cognitive capacities including mental health, ergonomics, cardiorespiratory health, functional abilities, weight gain and obesity, and safe return to sport).
  • Step into action during the week by fitting a few minutes of activity into your schedule, as every active minute counts!
    • If working from home, convert former travel time into a brisk walk in your neighborhood.
    • Follow an exercise or strength training video or download an app.
    • When watching TV, get up during every commercial or between episodes to climb stairs, do squats or an active chore.
    • Dance to your favourite music while cooking or cleaning.
    • Walk or bike when running errands close to home.
  • Ask a Kinesiologist to develop a program specifically designed to fit your personal lifestyle and interests.


Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who provide scientific advice and physical activity treatments that improve recovery, health and well-being, through all phases of life. The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) is a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes the advancement of the profession of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA strives to be recognized as the unifying voice for the profession of kinesiology in Canada and to have a positive impact on Canadians. On a national level, the CKA represents nine provincial kinesiology associations (PKAs) that are member associations and over 4,800 affiliated Kinesiologists. The CKA establishes and promotes the standards of the profession across Canada.

Find a Kinesiologist: www.cka.ca.

Consult the Moving Forward with COVID-19 - Kinesiology Guidelines.

Watch animation videos to better understand how Kinesiologists can help.

Facebook and Twitter: @CdnKinesiology

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