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News about kinesiology

KAS & CKA encourages everyone to share information and latest news related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Read all about it here!


The CKA proudly announces the renewal of its partnership with Implus LLC's brand "RockTape®".

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Implus Footcare, LCC, an innovative provider of athletic, fitness, and outdoor accessory products ranging from footcare and seasonal accessories to fitness and recovery solutions.  The CKA / ACK encourages Kinesiologists to use Implus' brand "RockTape®", a global leader in sports medicine products and education,  kinesiology tape, powerful pain-relieving topicals, unique evidence-informed education seminars, mobility tools and joint support accessories. Implus/RockTape Canada will actively work with the CKA / ACK to improve awareness and product adoption rates amongst the kinesiology practice.

RockTape, the official tape for kinesiology.

RockTape offers movement solutions to over 50,000 professionals worldwide. Help people move more and move better with RockTape! RockTape is a global leader in sports medicine products and education, RockTape helps patients and athletes "go stronger, longer®" with the world's best kinesiology tape, powerful pain-relieving topicals, unique evidence-informed education seminarsmobility toolsIASTM tools and joint support accessories.

Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification courses are led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy. FMT courses present a revolutionary way of thinking about how we move and how we get injured. They integrate innovative mobility and stability strategies, along with a movement-based; practical kinesiology taping framework – to deliver RESULTS.

Kinesiologists are invited to UNLOCK YOUR MEDICAL PRICING and get up to 50% off + exclusive benefits. We've worked hard to earn the trust of practitioners across the globe. We hope you join the thousands of others who've chosen RockTape.

All CKA members receive 20% off on all FMT Certifications (in-person) with code "CKAFMT20".

About Implus LLC & RockTape Canada

Implus LLC is home to over 20 brands, an industry-leading consumer packaged goods company specializing in fitness, outdoor, sporting goods and footcare products. Implus LLC are in 8 locations across the globe and more than 20 brand products are distributed in more than 70 countries. Visit: www.rocktape.ca

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