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MKA & CKA encourages everyone to participate in events related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas on what can be done in their regions or communities to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Be active!


Coffee with a Kinesiologist in Ontario

Date: Nov 13th 2017
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Location: Womens Fitness Clubs, 10341 Yonge St #3, Richmond Hill

“Registered Kinesiologists are Ontario's recognized experts in preventing and managing injury and chronic disease and helping to reach peak physical performance. Kinesiologists use evidence-based research to develop programs for people, helping them get and stay fit, and perform at their optimum level.” In honor of Kinesiology week we have our in house Registered Kinesioloigsts volunteering their time to educate and offer their expertise on the following topics:
Injury & Rehabilitation
How to work out if you have injuries, illnesses or ailments
What type of exercises are appropriate for your specific injuries, illnesses or ailments.
Bring all of your questions, have some coffee and chat with our Kinesiologist Sandra Atri!

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