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News about kinesiology

NLKA & CKA encourages everyone to share information and latest news related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Read all about it here!


CKA / ACK announces a new Board of Directors for 2017-18

June 6th 2017 - Following its annual general meeting, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de Kinésiologie (CKA/ACK) is pleased to announce the composition of its new Board of Directors. The CKA/ACK also announced the continuance of Mrs. Marie-Claude Leblanc to the presidency of the organization.

"I will pursue this important mandate to join the efforts in recent years to raise awareness of the profession. We will continue to expanding the representation of Kinesiologists on a national level by promoting and by providing advocacy of the profession of Kinesiology in Canada as our vision is to be recognized as the united voice for the profession of Kinesiology in Canada. With my experience of associations, I also will prioritize the development of services and activities for the member Provincial Kinesiology Associations and their members over the next year in conjunction with the new #KinVision2020 Strategic Plan. CKA/ACK now counts delegates from eight of nine provinces on its Board of Directors. Kinesiologists are well represented.

Finally, on behalf of all our members, I wish to express our gratitude to all directors and volunteers for their time, efforts and devotion to the advancement of the profession over the years. We are pleased to benefit from their collaboration and experience, "said Mrs. Marie-Claude Leblanc, president of CKA/ACK.

Here is the new composition of the Board of CKA/ACK:

Mrs. Marie-Claude Leblanc, president
M. Matias Golob, past-president
Ms. Hardip (Happy) Jhaj, BCAK
Mrs. Minda Chittenden, BC
Mr. Jake Watson, AKA
Mrs. Kathlyn Mary Hossack, MKA
Mrs. Kathie Sharkey, OKA
Mr. Serge Bourdeau, FKQ
M. Alexandre Paré, QC
Mrs. Kendra Thibodeau, NBKA
Mr. D. Darren MacDonald, NS
Mr. Des Martin, NLKA

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is committed to supporting the advancement of kinesiology by supporting the on-going professional development efforts of Kinesiologists and those engaged in the sciences surrounding human movement. On a regular basis, either on its own or in partnership, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance promotes professional development and continuing education efforts.

SOURCE: Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de Kinesiologie (CKA/ACK)
For further information: France A. Martin, Executive Director CKA/ACK, info@cka.ca
RELATED LINKS : www.cka.ca

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