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NLKA & CKA encourages everyone to participate in events related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas on what can be done in their regions or communities to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Be active!


2017 NBKA / AKNB Congress & AGM

NBKA / AKNB will hold its Congress and Annual General Meeting on November 25th in Moncton.

The theme of this event will be around its mission - The Kinesiology Association of New Brunswick exists for:

Provide leadership throughout the promotion of science and the profession of kinesiology and improve the appreciation of kinesiology services,
Stimulate the dynamic evolution of the profession of kinesiology by the development and promotion of educational opportunities to its members,
Promote partnerships with the academic community through support for the development of research programs and kinesiology,
Enhancing the benefits of membership

Its vision - "Kinesiology as a basis for the professionals of human movement"

The association will contribute to public awareness and the value of kinesiology services to improve and improve the quality of life.

The development and promotion of educational opportunities for kinesiologists are essential to the evolution of kinesiology.

Provide membership services to improve the delivery of kinesiology services to the public.

To stimulate communications to provide consistent standards of practice and professionalism.

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