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NLKA & CKA encourages everyone to participate in events related to Kinesiology and its field of practice in Canada. One may get ideas on what can be done in their regions or communities to enhance and to promote kinesiology. Be active!


CKA / ACK Invites Kinesiologists to prepare to talk MENTAL HEALTH

2021 Mental Health Week: May 3 - 9    
Kinesiologists encourage Canadians to be active!

Every May, the CMHA Mental Health Week helps to shift societal beliefs and perceptions about mental health. It promotes behaviours and attitudes that foster well-being, support good mental health and create a culture of understanding and acceptance. This year's theme – Name it, don't numb it – is key in these pandemic times of intense pain and anxiety.

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who provide scientific advice and physical activity treatments and therapies that improve recovery, health and well-being, through all phases of life. From May 3 to 9, 2021, Kinesiologists across Canada will join the conversation about how physical activity can have an impact on Canadians' mental health.

Tell your clients that Kinesiologists can offer new strategies for those struggling with mental health, including opportunities to lead a more active lifestyle and benefit from being physically active. Invite them to begin with the eMentalFitChallenge! For clients looking for a more personalised approach, offer to discuss their situation so you can best determine how to support them.

TOOLKIT for Kinesiologists

The CKA has adapted the CMHA Mental Health Week promotional material for your use: posters, pictures, social media tools, and more to help you spread the word and keep people active in this time of COVID-19. 


The CKA will begin campaigning through FB, Twitter, Linked-In and Instagram today! - With only two weeks before the event to create a buzz, we encourage you to do the same by liking and sharing the messages that will be posting on CKA's social media pages as soon as we post them. Make sure to start by liking and following these pages :





When sharing the messages, make sure to :

Include #

#GetReal #Emotion #Mentalhealthweek #Kinesiology #Kinesiologist #Withakinyoucan  #MoveBetterLiveBetter #Bellletstalk

and tag @

@CdnKinesiology @BellLetsTalk @CMHA.ACSM.national

Looking forward to promoting this day with your support, for more information call 1-844-KINESIO

VISIT the CKA website for resource material


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