The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance Supports Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EIMC)

What is Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC)?

Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EIMC) is an initiative to support a healthy active lifestyle for all Canadians. Its programs are based on abundant evidence that physical activity and exercise reduce the risk, prevalence and severity of chronic disease.

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and EIMC

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) launched EIM in Canada in 2012 and hosted EIMC through an agreement with the American College of Sports Medicine until 2017. EIMC is now self-governed and the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) strongly supports the initiative and EIMC in the following ways:

  • The CKA has a representative on the EIMC National Advisory Council;
  • The CKA helps with the development, production and distribution of resources;
  • The CKA holds events associated with EIMC at its own annual meeting;
  • The CKA provides a resource base of experts for consultation; and
  • The CKA provides some administrative support and communications.

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance also supports the collaborative efforts of EIMC in building a network of organizations and professionals that aligns with the EIM mission and vision, and encourages CKA members to become EIMC Professional Network members.

What are the benefits to being an EIMC Professional Network member?

The objectives of EIMC are to help healthcare providers assess, counsel and prescribe physical activity in healthcare and to create connections to support Canadians to achieve improved health through activity.

Through its Professional Network, EIMC supports the connection of Exercise Professionals (recognized at two different levels: EIMC Level 1 and EIMC Level 2) with Healthcare Professionals (also categorized into two roles: Providers and Supporters); and vice versa.

The following benefits come with an EIMC Professional Network membership:

  • Healthcare and Exercise Professional recognition

The EIMC Professional Network brings together regulated Healthcare Professions and EIMC Recognized Exercise Professionals as part of the movement to change the way healthcare is delivered and chronic disease is prevented, treated and managed in Canada. When Physicians are looking for an exercise professional to help a patient manage their condition, EIMC can help identify you as a Qualified Exercise Professional; and vice versa.

  • Resources

As an EIMC Professional Network member, you will have access to resources you can use in your practice such as the Older Adult Screening Tools and the EIMC Professional Resource Package. You will have access to selected research articles, educational webinars and a prescription series to keep you on the cutting edge of exercise application.

  • Professional Network

Being a part of a larger professional community. Being a part of EIMC provides you a community where you can gain knowledge from other practitioners to get different perspectives on client management. To join the professional network, please use the following link


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