In partnership with Hexfit

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is proud to offer you preferential rates on Hexfit customer solution products - software & exercises. Kins can create exercise programs and track the progression of clients and centralize information to be shared between intedisciplinary professionals. 


Included in your CKA affiliation is a one-month FREE first time subscription to Hexfit platform* in addition to the 10% discount rate per month if your PKA has also concluded an agreement with Hexfit. Visit: Hexfit/CKA (max: $50)

The CKA R&D Committee compared Hexfit to other exercise software and concluded: “We were impressed with Hexfit and their operations. They were much clearer than other software co. in relation to demonstrating the operations features of their system. You can share a specific customer's program access with other healthcare professionals, even if they do not use the Hexfit product. In addition to legislation requiring the kinesiologist to maintain client information in accordance with specific requirements, Hexfit offers features and library modules that can only help users in this area." 

Hexfit is a tracking software for kinesiologists. Our software is developed for kinesiologists by kinesiologists who truly understand the profession. Hexfit includes a wide variety of features that help you in your day-to-day tasks, as well as customer management, support and care. This software guarantees you compliance with Canadian laws on the confidentiality of health data.

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