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Why Join the Movement?
The Kinesiology Movement


The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and the Provincial Kinesiology Associations have joined forces to raise awareness of kinesiology services as integral part of extended health benefit plans. Insurers, clients and Kinesiologists are invited to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Exercise is fundamental to physical and mental health. Kinesiologists are regulated health professionals who deliver exercise as a health discipline, helping people stay healthier and avoid more serious conditions.

Why join the Kinesiology Movement? Because through tailored exercise programming, a Kinesiologist can help clients…

  • Prevent and manage dozens of physical and mental conditions;
  • Avoid and recover from injuries;
  • Prevent and manage chronic pain;
  • Improve their productivity and keep them from burning sick days; and
  • Save money on future health expenses down the road.


Join the Movement!

Leading companies are adding Kinesiology to their health benefit packages. 
Is your company one of them? Here's why you should!

According to the annual Sanofi health survey, prevention and management services are top priorities for benefits plan sponsors. In fact, 9 in 10 sponsors agree they’d prefer their insurer go ahead and make products and services for chronic disease management and prevention available in their health plan. That way they won’t have to request or opt in.

Kinesiologists are experts in prevention and management through clinical exercise.

Why join the Kinesiology Movement? Because exercise can help manage and prevent more than 25 chronic physical and mental health conditions, on top of injuries, strains and chronic pain. And Kinesiolgists can help keep plan members on track with custom routines to meet their specific needs. That means…

  • Less need for expensive assistive devices
  • Less need for pricey prescription drugs
  • Less likelihood of going to the hospital


  • Canadians who call in sick due to chronic conditions take an average of nine days off per year (2014), compared to just two for those with an infectious disease.
  • Nearly six in ten lost-time WSIB claims are attributable to sprains, strains and low back pain.
  • Just four chronic conditions – cancers, heart diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases and diabetes – cause nearly two thirds of all deaths in Ontario.

Get the facts about Kinesiology.

If you’d like to book a presentation for yourselves, your plan sponsors or plan holders to find out more about what Kinesiology can do for you, contact us at



Dear Clients/Patients... 
Start Your Movement Today!

Through clinical exercise programming, Kinesiologists can provide you with wellness, chronic disease prevention and management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and pain management– all in one professional.




Why see a Kinesiologist?

  • When you’re struggling sticking to your exercise plan, a Kinesiologist can help keep you on track.
  • When you have a chronic condition, like depression, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain or a nagging injury, a Kinesiologist can design a wellness plan that’s customized for you and your needs.
  • When you want to help prevent pains, strains and back pain, a Kinesiologist can help you get stronger.
  • When you’re living with muscle, joint or arthritis pain, a Kinesiologist can help you reduce it.
  • When you want to boost your performance, whether at home, work or play, a Kinesiologist can get you there.

We all know that exercise has amazing health benefits, but there are always issues that stand in the way. A Kinesiologist will help you jump those barriers and get on track with your physical and mental health.

Kinesiologists are governed by the Candian Kinesiology Alliance and their Provincial Kinesiology Association PKA when no College exists . That means all Kins must work to professional standards set by the CKA and PKAs, and College. It means when you get a Kinesiologist, you’re getting an accredited, qualified, accountable expert - you know exactly what you’re getting.

            Do your benefits cover Kinesiology? Tell them it’s time.

Does your benefits plan have a health or Lifestyle Spending Account? You can use it to cover your Kinesiologists services!

You Can Lead The Movement!

It’s time to get kinesiology covered by more of our clients’ health benefit plans, and for those that have it’s time to get more people using their kinesiology benefit by understanding the benefits a Kinesiologist can bring.

As Kinesiologists, we know how much access to our services helps. We know the power of making Kinesiology affordable has in terms of keeping our patients on track.

You have the power to make your voice heard with insurers. We need your help to Lead the Kinesiology Movement!