Find out about our profession! On this page, you will learn about kinesiology and Kinesiologists in Canada. From what kinesiology is, how Kins are educated, and when they intervene, to local events and news about the profession, here is all the information you need! 


What is Kinesiology?
Who are Kinesiologists? 

Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, simply stated, is the scientific study of human movement.
Kinesiologists are human movement specialists and more... 

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What Is the Structure of Kinesiology in Canada? What about Legislation and Governance?

In Canada, legislation pertaining to the profession falls under provincial jurisdiction. The goal of the CKA is to promote kinesiology and harmonize the rules and standards of practice of kinesiology across Canada. 

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What are some career options in Kinesiology? 

The areas of fitness and health promotion are historically the cornerstone of employment for Kinesiologists in Canada.

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What is the scope of practice? 

Kinesiology is all about how we move. Kinesiology is the study of the dynamics of human movement, including all the components involved (anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, psychological), as we interact with our environment.

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Where do you find Kinesiologists?

A Kinesiologist may have an area of special interest or work with a variety of clients and in a variety of environments.

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What's new? 

Find out about what's new in kinesiology!

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What's happening?

Find local kinesiology events!

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