What are the requirements for affiliation

The STANDARDS required for application are:

  1. Eligible degrees include:
    Four year university bachelor’s degree from a kinesiology, human kinetics, kinanthropology, exercise physiology program or equivalent. Each university course must equal 3.0 credits (i.e. 36- 40 semester hours in length). Academic requirements fall into 2 categories: Core Areas of Study and Elective Areas of Study (see below).
    ∙ Applicant will receive credit for no more than two (2) courses in any one Elective Areas of Study. Applicant may receive two (2) courses in a maximum of 5 Elective Areas of Study.
    ∙ Credit is not granted for laboratory, tutorial or practicum courses.
    ∙ Full year courses lasting 72-80 hours (6.0 credits) may be considered as two courses.

  2. Core Areas of Study
    Applicant must have university credit in each of the following four Core Areas of Study:
    a. Human Anatomy: gross human anatomy of the neuromuscular system
    b. Human Physiology: physiology and patho-physiology of the muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine, gastrointestinal and neural systems
    3. Biomechanics: anthropometric, neural and Newtonian mechanical considerations in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of human movement
    4. Psychomotor Behaviour / Motor Control & Learning: information processing in human motor performance and the principles of learning and performing motor skills

  3. Elective Areas of Study
    Applicant must have at least sixteen (16) courses in the Elective Areas of Study:

Adaptives of Kinesiology





Computer Science

Ergonomics/Human Factors

Exercise Management/Rehabilitation

Fitness Evaluation


Health Science

Human Anatomy***

Human Growth & Development

Human Pathology

Human Physiology/ Exercise or Work

Individual Study (Kinesiology






Organic Chemistry**

Philosophy/Ethics (Kinesiology)**



Psychology of Movement

Psychomotor Behaviour/Motor Control & Learning***

Research Design*

Research Project (Kinesiology)

Sociology of Movement

Sports Medicine



*can be taken from any department
**must be taken in their respective departments or through the kinesiology department
***please note: courses can only be counted in either the core or elective areas of study (not both). If the core course is 72-80 hours (i.e. 6 credit course) a credit may be considered in the elective area.

A new list of standards will be effective in January 2022. Read more

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