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The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / L’Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) is a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes the advancement of the profession of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA / ACK strives to be recognized as the unifying voice for the profession of kinesiology in Canada, and to have a positive impact on Canadians. Kinesiologists provide services to improve human movement and deliver quality solutions through prevention, objective assessment, and evidence-based interventions.

On a national level, the CKA / ACK represents nine (9) provincial kinesiology associations (PKAs) that are member associations and over 4,500 affiliated Kinesiologists by developing progressive partnerships with other national organizations, providing support to effect positive change within government and public policy, and by promoting the science of Kinesiology. The CKA / ACK advances our member associations, PKAs, by facilitating national and interprovincial communication and partnerships and by supporting and encouraging ongoing development of PKAs. The CKA / ACK establishes and promotes the standards of the profession across Canada.

Kinesiologist – The Human Movement Specialist




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The confinement restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly changed our lifestyles and as a result Canadians face many challenges. How we work, daily living, and physical activities all changed, and our capabilities and abilities to successfully accomplish these activities safely also changed. ...Being physically active is more important than ever as recent research suggests that not meeting physical activity guidelines on a regular basis may increase the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes....

The CKA also longs for the day when prevention will be valued by governments as an investment and offer measures such as helping employers provide ergonomic support when employees are working from home or reducing financial barriers to active living.

Kinesiologists across Canada makes the following recommends to increase physical activity at work (home or office:

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COVID-19 Guidelines Designed to Help Canadians Maintain Optimal Health Through Pandemic

OTTAWA, September 8, 2021 – The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance announces the release of new guidelines to help Canadians get through the pandemic. The MOVING FORWARD WITH COVID-19 – KINESIOLOGY GUIDELINES FOR MAINTAINING OPTIMAL HEALTH demonstrate how Canadians can ensure a safe return to their former active lifestyles and physical activity programs. They are meant for all Canadians, including COVID long-haulers and seniors who may also need help returning to daily living activities.


Message from the President


This past year has shown us how to be adaptable, overcome challenges and how to generate creative solutions we have never considered before.

Our focus continues to be on supporting our PKAs, to offer resources and collaborations and to promote and advocate for the profession of Kinesiology across the country. Through these collaborations, we were able to host the first Kin Can Virtual Conference in the fall and introduce the first annual Kinesiology Awards. This endeavour was merely just a dream a few years ago, but we made it happen! We look forward to continuing the tradition of hosting a virtual conference and awards on a yearly basis.


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Get Ready for National Health and Fitness Day! June 5th

In 2 weeks! Show us your moves Canada! National Health and Fitness Day is Saturday June 5th! #ShowUsYourMoves  #NHFD2021 #BougeAvecNous 

In preparation for the 2021 National Health and Fitness Day on June 5, the CKA invites Kinesiologists and PKAs to get involved online to keep contact with clients. Kins must remind Canadians that Kinesiologists are there for them in order to increase awareness of the profession.

Canada is in the second year of battling COVID and coping with pandemic restrictions. People are frustrated and fatigued. Although physical activity opportunities are limited or unavailable, we know that being active helps significantly with managing stress and depression. This year especially we want to highlight the ways people can get active and how important activity is for physical and mental health.


CKA / ACK Invites Kinesiologists to prepare to talk MENTAL HEALTH

2021 Mental Health Week: May 3 - 9    
Kinesiologists encourage Canadians to be active!

Every May, the CMHA Mental Health Week helps to shift societal beliefs and perceptions about mental health. It promotes behaviours and attitudes that foster well-being, support good mental health and create a culture of understanding and acceptance. This year's theme – Name it, don't numb it – is key in these pandemic times of intense pain and anxiety.

Use the adapted CMHA Mental Health Week promotional material TOOLKIT for Kinesiologists

Invite clients to sign up for the eMentalFitChallenge!

Share SM messages.

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2021 Virtual Kin Games

The CKA, in partnership with PKAs, attended the 2021 Virtual Kin Games, held online from March 19-21. For the fifth year in a row, the CKA alongside our partners, Hexfit Solutions, RockTape and Human Kinetics sponsored the academic challenge with, a website dedicated to helping students of kinesiology and physical activity as they enter the workforce or continue studies in specialties and to better understand how kinesiology is practiced in Canada. 
The CKA applauds the organizing committee for conquering the many challenges posed by COVID-19 in shifting the Games to a virtual format to "Kinnect" Kin's across Canada. The CKA wishes to congratulate the University of British Columbia as the 2021 Overall Winner of the KinGames. 

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