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The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / L’Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) is a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes the advancement of the profession of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA / ACK strives to be recognized as the unifying voice for kinesiology in the country and to have a positive impact on Canadians. Kinesiologists provide services to improve human movement and deliver quality solutions through prevention, objective assessment and evidence-based interventions.

On a national level, the CKA / ACK represents ten (10) provincial kinesiology associations (PKAs) that are member associations and over 5,000 Affiliated Kinesiologists by developing progressive partnerships with other national organizations, by providing support to effect positive change within government and public policy, and by promoting the science of kinesiology. The CKA / ACK advances our member associations, PKAs, by facilitating national and interprovincial communication and partnerships and by supporting and encouraging ongoing development of PKAs. The CKA / ACK establishes and promotes the standards of the profession across Canada.

Kinesiologist – The Human Movement Specialist





Latest News

The CKA launches a new Hire a Kin campaign

The 2022 CKA promotional campaign is launched gradually as events unfold throughout the year. This year the theme is around "Hire a Kin" in many different working environment to promote that Kinesiologists can help people living with over 25 chronic conditions. 

The first event for which Kinesiologists are invited to promote their services is the upcoming National Health and Fitness Day on June 4 2022.

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An exciting opportunity currently exists for an enthusiastic Administrative Assistant to join the CKA. The position is for part-time contract/self-employed working remotely, with a minimum 25 hours per week in the first instance, with the potential to increase the hours if required.     More Detail   

National Kinesiology Week 2021 - A Success!


 Briefly, National Kinesiology Week, held November 22-28, 2021, organized by the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) to help all Canadians, including seniors and those affected by long term Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, return to a more active lifestyle to move better and live better through MOVING FORWARD WITH COVID-19 – KINESIOLOGY GUIDELINES FOR MAINTAINING OPTIMAL HEALTH, reached over

18,653,072 people.

Here are the highlights:

On the media side as of today, we have had 3 radio interviews, 87 articles and 34 television mentions. This gives a total of 124 mentions for a total audience of 18,326,264. The advertising value of this coverage is estimated at $169,939.

On the social media side, as of November 23, we have over 326,808 impressions and over 1714 clicks in 13 days of campaigning. The campaign is going very well, we are just 2/3 of the way through.

CKA has demonstrated how Kinesiologists are part of the solution to support Canadians on the road to recovery. The Guidelines focus on six fields of practice where the expertise of Kinesiologists can help: cardiorespiratory health, cognitive capacities including mental health, ergonomics, functional abilities, weight gain and obesity, and safe return to sport..

For more information on the event, please read the initial press release.


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Latest Events

2022 Kin Can Conference: Registration Open

The ACK is proud to announce the launch of the first national virtual kinesiology event. The Kin Can Conference! presented by Hexfit. 

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CKA / ACK Invites Kinesiologists

Get Ready for
National Health and Fitness Day!

Invites Kinesiologists to participate
Mark the date: June 4 2022

In preparation for the 2022 National Health and Fitness Day on June 4, the CKA invites Kinesiologists and PKAs to get involved online to keep contact with clients. Kins must remind Canadians that Kinesiologists are there for them in order to increase awareness of the profession.

NHFD will host events the week starting May 30 culminating with National Health and Fitness Day on Saturday, June 4. Let's identify and applaud the many ways that Canadians "get moving" and keep active on the trails, on the waterways and in the parks of their communities. 


2021 Kin Case Competition is cancelled

November 11 2021 - It is with regret that the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance must cancel the 2021 Kin Case Competition due to insufficient number of registered teams.

The competition was ready to go with its cases; volunteer case writers, jurors and other logistical details. All will be ready for next year.

We would like to thank you for believing in this new event and hope to see you next year.


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