Health Use of Health Devices

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By Robert Kraakman

Attaining a healthy lifestyle is a goal for most Canadians. The development and access to convenient health devices and technologies are putting greater control in our hands. These devices can give us information at any time relating to our sleep habits, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, and among others. This access provides us an extremely valuable way to follow our progress and understand our health. There are things to keep mindful of though as we integrate these commercial technologies into our daily health habits.

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Let us keep our focus on our action and not our data, particularly when it comes to our sleep. Good sleep hygiene involves disconnecting with our devices. Many of us may use sleep apps or other sleep monitoring devices, and these can be beneficial. It is though important to make sure we are not obsessed with checking these devices every time we might wake up at night, because this can cause the negative effects we are trying to correct.


Be mindful about how much emphasis you are placing on your commercial health devices. They are still not a substitute for qualified health professionals. Heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG readings are great information to have as a relative indicator about your progress. These readings have been improving, but they are still subject to errors that can give random values that are not accurate.


These random values, data, and need to monitor every aspect of our health can cause unnecessary stress to an individual that can be detrimental to achieving a balance healthy lifestyle. It is important to remain calm and understand that these are not medical devices that provide diagnosable readings, or an absolute look at your health and achievements. It may be beneficial to many to seek out a Kinesiologist when starting out a lifestyle change or attaining health goals. A Kinesiologist can provide clarity on best practices with using health devices, explain the value of the information, and be a reference point between the devices and valid forms of measurements.


If you become concerned with any of these devices, it is important to check in with your physician or Kinesiologist to gain accurate information regarding your health.  To find a Kinesiologist near you visit the CKA website.


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