Mindfulness as a Means to Keep Moving

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By Nolan Turnbull, Kinesiologist 

The unpredictable nature of the pandemic has made taking time for oneself and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviours such as physical activity more difficult than ever. Mindfulness is a simple practice that anyone can use to help address stress and uncertainty, and to achieve lifestyle and physical activity related goals.

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Mindfulness is the act of taking time to recognize and experience the life circumstances and associated feelings (good and bad) one is facing in the present moment: positive thinking, wellbeing, and physical activity. Being mindful allows you to reflect on what you can and cannot control, which can then allow you to move forward with your day in a more cognizant and realistic manner.


Practicing mindfulness in one’s daily life can be an invaluable tool. It can enable a person to manage their health and wellness and succeed in accomplishing their goals related to lifestyle behaviours such as physical activity. It is a practice of self-care, and in caring for oneself by taking the time to connect with one’s current circumstances and feelings. A person may find themself in a head space where they are better equipped to find balance in their life, prioritize tasks, and have the presence of mind to be motivated to participate in other self-care, health promotive activities. Physical activity and movement are an integral part of self-care, and should be prioritized should you wish to be more present for others, continue to do the things you enjoy, reach your goals, or overcome current events and personal challenges.


Mindfulness can be useful to help identify whether one should refocus or try something new and enables a person to set better “SMART” goals – in other words, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. The changing environment surrounding the pandemic along with the end of summer bring transitions that can make being active more difficult; being mindful can help a person adapt to these changes and accept the reality of the current moment.


Use this time to recognize how much you have been through and know that any movement can work wonders for your overall wellbeing. Mindfulness and movement belong together. Consult a Kinesiologist near you to learn more about goal setting and motivation: Find a Kin


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