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Where do I begin my job search?
Job Opportunities

People looking for a qualified Kinesiologist advertise job positions with the PKAs to reach Kinesiologists who meet and support the professional standards. All professional practising members/affiliates are required to carry professional liability insurance, follow professional practice standards, and respect the code of ethics. Since Kinesiologists are governed provincially, we invite Kinesiologists to search for job opportunities on the PKA websites.

Job opportunities through PKAs:

Also visit other generic job search engines, such as:

Job statistics and other useful information (e.g., salary, service prices):

Read A fact sheet on Kinesiology


Job opportunities from other organizations:

From time to time, the CKA / ACK receives notice of job opportunities from other entities. This section of job postings is meant to provide Kinesiologists (Kins) a listing of career opportunities that were sent to the CKA / ACK by other organizations linked to kinesiology. The CKA / ACK is not responsible for consequences and damages that may occur as an outcome of applying, or in any steps in the process or in the conclusion of employment by Kinesiologists or the organization. It is to be stressed that the aim is to inform Kins of job opportunities.

To submit a job posting, contact the CKA / ACK and send the request and information to Fees: $400 + taxes to reach more than 5,000 Kins. Posting lasts 30 days.