L'Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie en appui à la Semaine de la santé mentale

Mental Health in times of COVID-19

 What Promotional Event/Material
are available to Kins?

In preparation for annual national events, the CKA invites Kins to participate and to get involved in their province and community to increase awareness of the profession. The CKA providesdocuments, promotional resources, material and tools to Kins to help Kins in the delivery of their services.

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is reminding Canadians affected by mental illness, that kinesiologists, as part of a professional health team, can help them to move better, live better. Kinesiologist can help! Some have begun in January with Bell Let's Talk and now will continue with CMHA Mental Health Week, to finally join us from November 23 to 29th with National Kinesiology Week in support of Mental Health. Canadians are invited to find strategies and opportunities to lead a more active lifestyle. Canadians are invited to take on the eMentalFitChallenge to find strategies and opportunities to lead a more active lifestyle.


Please download and adapt the material at your convenience provided you respect the CKA copyrights.: Click attachments

Mental Health Week
May 4-10, 2020.

1. eMentalFitChallenge - Information on this page, Download image here

Here are links to the 8 emails used in this eChallenge:

Day 1:  Five ways Kins can get you moving better to feel mentally stronger

Day 2: Staying Active During COVID-19

Day 3: Taking Care of your Mental Health

Day 4: Is There a Link Between Exercise and Happiness?

Day 5: Managing Stress

Day 6: Some Anxiety is Normal

Day 7: Exercise Resolutions

Day 8: Congratulations

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Mental Health Week + With a kin, you can + supported by Kin




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Mental Health Week  + With a kin, you can + supported by Kin


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