How do I bridge from academics to practice?


The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA / ACK) wants to help students of kinesiology and physical activity as they enter the workforce or a special area of study. That’s why #KinStartUpKit is a great tool for undergraduates and graduates getting started as Kinesiologists. The CKA / ACK invites you to take the time to better understand how kinesiology is practised in Canada and thus help you achieve your career goals.


University Seminar/Webinar Tour

Presenting the New Introduction Video

Are you an educator in a kinesiology program in Ontario? Actively involved in kinesiology student life? A kinesiology student in Ontario? The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is reaching out to you with a professional learning opportunity for your classes and career events  a virtual tool for you and future Kins!

CKA coordinator Brooke Hamilton, R.Kin, would like to discuss with you how this tool can benefit Ontario kinesiology students and when in your 2021/2022 academic/events calendar a virtual #KinStartUpKit presentation, with an interactive question and answer period for students, would be opportune for you.

With the loss of many of the in-person career and future-inspired sessions that upper-level kinesiology students are typically able to participate in, this opportunity for Kin students to learn about their career options and next steps in the field of kinesiology is an excellent experience that has already been transformed into a virtual presentation!

The CKA’s #KinStartUpKit is a free online educational tool to help kinesiology students and graduates navigate the kinesiology industry as they complete or come close to completing their studies. The goal of the CKA with this kit is to be able to share the tool with university students directly so they can feel better prepared and informed upon completion of their studies. We discuss and provide answers to the big questions, such as:

  • Who's who in the industry?
  • Should I begin my career or continue with additional studies?
  • Where do I begin my career in kinesiology?

Interested in finding out more or booking a virtual presentation for your class or event? Email Brooke at today!


Visit to find the following: 

  1. Who’s Who?

    • Your professional kinesiology associations
    • Differences between the CKA, CSEP, and CATA
    • Professional orders and College
  2. Structure of the Profession

    • Legislation and governance
    • Scope of practice and NOC
    • Your obligations:
      • Mandatory membership
      • Mandatory insurance
      • Continuing education
      • Code of ethics
  3. Work or Postgraduate Program?

    • Titles on the market
    • Field, industries, and services offered by Kins
    • Job opportunities
    • Income stats
    • Work or postgraduate program
    • Research grant programs
  1. Resources, Tools, and Materials

    • Forms and examples of letters easy to adapt to your practice
    • Promotional materials
  2. Self-employed or Start a Business?

    • Start-up programs
    • Grants and other financing tools
    • Business plan structure
    • List of consultants
    • Legal status and registration
    • Attract more clients?
  3. Science of Kinesiology

    • Articles, abstracts, and research papers
    • Videos
    • Get published?