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Who are our Sponsors & Partners?

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with corporations that adhere to its values and that have common elements in their respective mission. Corporations are given opportunities to network, to communicate and to increase brand awareness within the Kinesiologist community. Please contact us for more information on how to become a sponsor or a partner with CKA.

Sponsors and partners help CKA to provide benefits to Kinesiologists and participating in events where CKA is involved:

  • Access to opportunities to networking and social capital;

  • Access to promotional event material such as the National Kin Week held annually in November and the National Health and Fitness Day held annually in June;

  • Access to preferred rates from partners such as for professional insurance program, continued education opportunities, home and auto insurance, or patient tracking software.



Professional Insurance

PROLINK offers CKA / ACK affiliated Kinesiologists customized insurance tailored to their needs. The Professional Liability Policy designed for CKA / ACK affiliated Kinesiologists covers a wide range of features.  The Commercial General Liability Policy designed for CKA / ACK will help you to be covered per claim and automatically add clients. Preferred rates if purchased through this link

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Professional Liability
Commercial General Liability
Cyber Security

For more information, please contact:

CKA Account Manager | PROLINK Ltd. 800-663-6828 or 

 CKA Professional Liability Insurance Program Brochure.pdf

Differences between Professional Insurance Coverage offered by CKA/PROLINK, CSEP, CATA and


TD Insurance

Home & Auto Insurance

Save more with TD Insurance. You could save $415 or more when you combine your home and auto insurance with us. More information.

We are pleased to announce a new agreement with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. Take full advantage of your new membership with privileged access to the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program, which provides savings through lower preferred insurance rates. You’ll also enjoy the outstanding customer service you deserve, with knowledgeable representatives who are always ready to help.

We have been serving thousands of professionals like you for 65 years. We would be pleased to count you among our many satisfied customers. Preferred rates if purchased through this link

Visit & Order:  Here for more information and find out how much you can save.



Client Management Solution

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has partnered with Hexfit to provide a software that allows Kins to create exercises programs and track the evolution of your clients. The goal of Hexfit is also to centralise the informations between multiple professionals. Preferred rates if purchased through this link.

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Human Kinetics

Professional Development

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has partnered with Human Kinetics to provide on-going professional development opportunities. Preferred rates if purchased through this link.

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Polar Electro Canada

Material & Equipement

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has partnered with Polar Electro Canada to provide solutions for technical innovations and heart rate monitors. Polar is a complete line of products for all levels of fitness, as well as the essential support and advice, whether it's to improve an athlete's athletic performance or to help a person to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to rehabilitate or manage their weight.

Preferred rates if purchased through CKA Boutique and sell to your clients.


Order: CKA Boutique