The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) is a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes the advancement of the profession of kinesiology in Canada. On a national level, the CKA represents nine provincial kinesiology associations (PKAs) that are member associations and over 4,300 affiliated kinesiologists. The CKA establishes and promotes the standards of the profession across Canada.

Canadian Kinesiology Awards

In 2020, the first Kinesiology Awards were launched to establish recognizition of professional kinesiologists and to celebrate their talent, hard work, and success. The Canadian Kinesiology Awards are awarded for outstanding achievement in Canada’s kinesiology industry. The awards were granted for outstanding achievement in the following categories: Kin of the Year, Researcher of the Year, Kinesiology Event of the Year and Best Speaker of the 2020 Kin Can Conference. The CKA would like to honour the winners of the 2020 Kinesiology awards for their commitment to bettering the field of kinesiology and for their continued efforts. 



Kin of the Year

2020- Spenser Raposo

Researcher of the Year

2020- Dr. Ryan Rhodes

Kinesiology Event of the Year

2020- BCAK Post Secondary Curriculum Consultations

Best Speaker of the KinCan Conference      

2020- Dr. Ryan D’Arcy



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In its 20th anniversary year, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance wishes to thank its volunteers over the years for their time, devotion and support to our profession.

We honour the dedication and service of the CKA Past Presidents. 


2020-Present: Kathie Sharkey 

2019-2020: Hardip Jhaj

2015-2019: Marie-Claude Leblanc

2012-2015: Matias Golob 

2011-2012: Craig Hogben

2009-2011: Karen Drysdale-Chung 

2007-2008: Stephen Grimmett

2006-2007: Michelle Tobias-Pawl 

2004-2005: Elizabeth Chapman

2002-2003: Karlene Dawson

2001-2002: Ronald Henderson