What Are the Standards of Practice?

updated: 2021-08-03

Disclosure: The practice of kinesiology varies from one province to another. The information in this document may differ and not correspond with the provincial legislation. The main purpose of this document is to present the current portrait of kinesiology (definitions, fields of practice, acts, etc.) across Canada, with information regarding resources in the various fields of kinesiology, practical tools, the extent of its scope of practice, and other potentially useful information. This document is in perpetual revision as per the evolution of the practice of kinesiology in Canada. The CKA / ACK will not be held responsible for any consequences or damages that may occur as a result of the use, misuse, misinterpretation, or abuse of the information found on its website. We emphasize that the aim of this document is to help guide you. Should anyone require guidance in interpreting any of the provided information, they should seek the advice of their provincial kinesiology association.


The CKA acknowledges that the standards of practice defined by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, which help Kinesiologists provide safe and ethical services to their patients/clients, are reliable, as they are applied in the first province where kinesiology is regulated. The following are the standards of practice used by the CKA, with permission from the College.

Practice standards outline the expectations for Kinesiologists that contribute to client protection. They inform Kinesiologists of their accountabilities and the client of what to expect of Kinesiologists.

Practice guidelines help Kinesiologists understand their responsibilities and how to make safe and ethical decisions in their practice.

The code of ethics defines the way Kinesiologists, in all situations, should uphold the integrity of the profession, serve the interests of patients/clients, and act in a manner that justifies public trust.

The standards and guidelines are based on the competencies of practice as defined by the CKA. These define the knowledge, skill, judgment, and attitudes required to practise in the public interest.



*Thank you to the College of Kinesiology of Ontario.