How is the Kinesiology Profession Advancing?


Professional Development

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is committed to supporting the advancement of kinesiology by supporting the ongoing professional development efforts of Kinesiologists and those engaged in the sciences surrounding human movement. On a regular basis, either on its own or in partnership, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance promotes professional development and continuing education efforts.


Specialty Certification

Get recognized for your clinical knowledge, experience, and leadership as a professional engaging in kinesiology and/or the sciences surrounding human movement. The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is actively working to build the programs and supports that will help differentiate your competence, commitment, and professionalism.

Kinesiologist is a profession recognized under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) issued by Statistics Canada: 3144 - Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment.

Clinical Resources

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance works to develop and partner with other key stakeholders to provide valuable practice and business resources.


Discounts and Promotions

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance continues to build programs that offer unique discounts and promotions to members and affiliates. Presently, exclusive arrangements provide for savings on the following products and services:

  • Professional insurance

  • Term life insurance

  • Dependent children term life insurance

  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Extended health and dental insurance

  • Travel medical insurance

  • Office overhead insurance

  • Long-term disability insurance

  • Pension Plan

The savings are real, and the list is constantly growing, so be sure to visit the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance website regularly.